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Happily ever after

Girls are taught from a young age that our life’s goal should be “true love” and that it can only be found in one man - then you will live happily ever after. But what if you don’t fit the mould?!? Are you then broken or a lost cause - never to enjoy love?

This is what Jackie Hill Perry says:

If He (God) is love, then shouldn’t He understand most of all, and not keep me from the person who will love me?

Yet if God, our Creator, made us with the ability to love at all, His intention was always for it to be lavished on the loveliest One and in Him this love would be safe.

No person, place or thing will ever give you a happily ever after - they will let you down or be crushed by your expectations.

There is only ONE who can securely hold your heart, inviting you with open arms. So you can come with your hurts, broken spirit, apprehensive thoughts, bitter judgements and He will gently restore you. Not with false ideations or a bunch of rules - just a love like you’ve never known before.

How? Seek Him!










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